The Many Benefits of Sculpture Gardens

Imagine that there is a place you can go that makes you feel calm, excited, curious, amazed, amused and joyful. Such a place can also pique your interest in art, music, craft, nature and conservation. Sculpture gardens offer many health and wellbeing benefits as well as numerous other curiosities.

Sculpture gardens are places that have various types of sculptures made from clay, ceramics, glass, wood, brass and all types of material. The gardens are often tendered to with care and offer people a space to walk, chat and see the various sculptures. Many sculpture gardens also have paces to listen to music, eat and have special gatherings such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Health and Wellbeing

Life can get boring and routine for many people. It can also be stressful particularly in places like Auckland where traffic and daily life is hectic. Sculpture gardens are a space to experience things that do not require strenuous effort and may even allow a person to experience something completely new that they are unfamiliar with. The sensations of smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch are all different from what a person experiences in normal life. Smelling the flowers, tasting new food as well as seeing colours and shapes makes the experience memorable and fun. Even the gentle walking can be a nice break from sitting in traffic or at a desk.

Curiosity and Education

Humans are curious and can get bored with their routines so travelling to a sculpture garden can get them looking at different colours, techniques, shapes and materials that they may not be familiar with. This can help people to forget about their daily problems and to enjoy something a bit curious. Looking at new shapes and colours as well as thinking about the artist’s inspiration can also be funny.

A sculpture garden offers something to everyone and is a valuable and affordable respite from the routine of daily life.