Sculpture in New Zealand

Art is a universal language that dates back to centuries ago. Sculpture is an intimate form of art and it has been growing globally. Welcome to, a website that gives you the information you need about sculpture gardens, sculptors and artists in New Zealand. Our team is made of people who are passionate and experienced about sculpture and have done research in New Zealand and beyond.

Sculpture in New Zealand

This website has a list of places where you can find sculpture in New Zealand. There is also a comprehensive list of some of the places that you can take children to see sculpture and what makes these places stand out. We also give you suggestions for some of the artists who have done amazing pieces of art.

Visiting Sculpture Gardens

Have you ever visited a sculpture garden? If not, then we give you some of the reasons you should put it in your bucket list. We have listed some of the benefits of visiting sculpture gardens, and some of the activities you can do while you are in the garden. You will also get some of the materials that can be used to make sculpture including how the artists go through the intricate details of ensuring that they have created a masterpiece. There are some unconventional details of sculpture that you will learn on this website.

Being an Artist

In this website, the focus is not entirely on sculpture. We also have general information on art and what it takes to become a good artist. Consider this as a one-stop place for artists who want to learn of ways they can grow their art. We have talked to other artists who share their experience on how to beat creatives’ block. We also delve into how art can impact people’s lives