Sculpture Gardens for Kids in New Zealand

There are some wonderful sculpture gardens in New Zealand for kids. Kids always love something new and unique that they haven’t experienced before. Hearing the kids laughter, looking at their curious faces and looking at their reactions is also fun for adults. Here are a few different sculpture gardens that the children will love.

The Giant’s House

The Giant’s House is the type of place that should not be missed for children. It is a mosaic garden located in Akaroa. It is a place where you feel naturally happy and joyous due to the colours and childlike wonder that can be found at The Giant’s House. It is a Garden of National Significance. It also has a gallery for the adults. Many of the mosaics are made of glass, tiles and china. The characters are a wonderland for children and really has the ability to keep their attention and make the kids curious.


The Sculptureum is a 10-hectare farm featuring 400 hundred artworks including sculptures. Located in Matakana with three gardens and six galleries, the Sculptureum affords an excellent opportunity for adults to make their children curious about sculpture and art. Animals and all kinds of creative sculptures will keep the kids busy for a few hours.

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Garden

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens is located in Kaipara. It features a short 1km walk which is not too long for kids. 40 sculptures by some of New Zealand’s biggest artists can be found on the site. It is a reasonably cheap and affordable day out. For some of the older children, it is possible to walk near Don’s Conservation track through the forest with waterfalls, birds and nature in all of its glory.

Children will be amused, curious and drawn to the various sculptures and art pieces all over New Zealand’s sculpture gardens.