Different Types of Sculptures

All kinds of materials are used on sculpture farms all over New Zealand. Some sculpture farms will include all kinds of sculptures made from a range of materials. Other sculptures are more specialised and will focus on one material that is used over the park.


Lava Glass is a ‘Garden of Significance’ which can be found at Taupo. It features many glass sculptures made from blown glass which are located all over the garden. Like many sculpture parks, there are a number of activities and events held regularly. It is a great place to gain inspiration and have a family-friendly day. It is not just about glass but is also a great place to walk and enjoy the tranquillity and ambience.

Wire Art

Wire art may not come to mind when you think of sculpture. However, in Lake Tekapo there is an artist that is challenging convention and has made a number of sculptures made of wire. The artist has made all kinds of animals, trees and things from nature. They are made out of rusty or recycled wire, barbed or other types of wire. The sculptures are all kinds of different sizes, shapes and colours. The artist is from a farming background and has been inspired by the environment he is living in.

Mosaic Sculpture Art

Mosaic sculpture art is a unique type of art that uses small pieces of material over metal, cement, terracotta, fibreglass and plastic. A mosaic sculpture garden called the Giants House can be found in Akaroa and another ‘Garden of National significance’. It is a colourful, fun, surprising, playful and unparalleled in its uniqueness. This mosaic sculpture art garden is a great place to bring children and is also a wonder for art enthusiasts.

Sculpture art is not conventional in any sense. The materials used all across New Zealand in different gardens make looking at a sculpture garden in New Zealand a unique experience.