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Advantages of Being an Artsit

There was a time when people looked down on artists because it was believed that it is a career path that is pursued by people who are weak academically. As time goes by, artists are beginning to

How to Get Out of the Creative Block

If you are an artist who is involved in any form of creative work, there will come a time when you will feel like you cannot produce anything interesting. The creative block can discourage even the most

Benefits of Visiting Sculpture Garden

One of the things you should have in your bucket list is to visit a sculptor garden and experience this unique form of art. It is an activity you can do either alone or with a group

Activities and Events in Sculpture Gardens

There are so many things to do at many of the sculpture gardens in New Zealand. Surprisingly, sculpture gardens are not just about the gardens and sculptures. There are so many ways to enjoy the ambience and

Amazing Sculpture Gardens in New Zealand

If you are looking for something unique to do in the beautiful outdoor environment of New Zealand, look no further than some of the inspiring sculpture gardens that can be found throughout the country. Here is just

Different Types of Sculptures

All kinds of materials are used on sculpture farms all over New Zealand. Some sculpture farms will include all kinds of sculptures made from a range of materials. Other sculptures are more specialised and will focus on

Sculpture Gardens for Kids in New Zealand

There are some wonderful sculpture gardens in New Zealand for kids. Kids always love something new and unique that they haven’t experienced before. Hearing the kids laughter, looking at their curious faces and looking at their reactions

Sculpture in New Zealand

Art is a universal language that dates back to centuries ago. Sculpture is an intimate form of art and it has been growing globally. Welcome to zealandiasculpturegarden.co.nz, a website that gives you the information you need about

The Many Benefits of Sculpture Gardens

Imagine that there is a place you can go that makes you feel calm, excited, curious, amazed, amused and joyful. Such a place can also pique your interest in art, music, craft, nature and conservation. Sculpture gardens