Amazing Sculpture Gardens in New Zealand

If you are looking for something unique to do in the beautiful outdoor environment of New Zealand, look no further than some of the inspiring sculpture gardens that can be found throughout the country. Here is just a taste of what the country has to offer:

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Garden

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens can be found at Kaipara Coast Plant Centre. It is 4km north of Kaukapakapa Village, Auckland. It is an affordable and fun day out away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland. The art and garden experience also includes a 1km sculpture & garden walk with 40 sculptures by some of New Zealand’s biggest artists. It also is near Don’s Conservation track through the forest. Walkers will see waterfalls and enjoy the sounds of birds in a calming atmosphere.

Lava Glass

Lava Glass displays some of the biggest pieces of glass blown in New Zealand. It is a ‘Garden of Significance’ that is well known in New Zealand. Lava Glass is located at Taupo on State Highway 5 and combines the artistic flair of glass blown sculptures in a garden setting. The site also has regular concerts and events. A cafe is also located on the site. Lava Glass is also a great way for adults and children to enjoy the benefits of glass blowing education as anyone on attending can see glass blowing in action. The admission price includes a few different options. Visitors can enjoy both the garden sculptures and the glass blowing or have the option to do only one and pay accordingly. This offers more option for repeat visitors and those on a budget. A great place to bring families and enjoy something truly awe-inspiring.

Come to New Zealand and enjoy the garden sculpture ambience and tranquillity without breaking the bank.