Do you love art? Are you always looking for information on sculpture and other forms of art? This blog gives you great insight into what is going on in the field of art and how you can get involved. The site answers all the questions you may have about sculpture in New Zealand and what is happening around the globe.

About the Blog

This page is written by a team of people who are interested in different forms of art, including sculpture that is becoming a common form of art in New Zealand. They have visited as many sculpture gardens as possible, and have come up with a list of places you should visit, and why they are outstanding. Their passion and desire is to see many people appreciating the value of art in all its possible forms. They know what it takes to come up with a sculpture garden, and give you the details that will get you interested in visiting one.

Why This Page?

You will find up to date information about what is happening in New Zealand and other countries in regard to sculpture gardens. The information you will find here is unbiased and well researched. There are also pictorials that give you a visual representation of what to expect when you visit their sculpture garden. Feel free to contact this page with any questions that you may have regarding their work. Their team is always on standby to take care of your needs and to give you the best experience.